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MOC 2 Combo
Moch Scrapes are without question a great tactic for Whitetail Bucks. Yet, far too often, many of us wait until the rut is in full swing before using this deer scent strategy. While this can work, you are often competing against real breeding scrapes that already have your Bucks full attention.

We have found that it can really help when you start building Moch Scrapes during the very early pre-rut phase when that Bucks focus can be developed to start a pattern of checking your Moch Scrapes.

The reason we provide both our fresh Doe (Dame) and Buck (Rival Stud) deer scent urines for building Moch Scrapes is simple. A good fresh Buck urine will stimulate that competitive atmosphere, while the presence of does in the area can be both a natural cover and calming deer scent, as well as a great reason for that Buck to come back and check your scrape as this phase progresses to the breeding period.

Mother Nature does it right, why fake it, USE IT!