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Beckon Call

Typically, we relate the old idea of a deer “call” with communication through sound. But the folks at Ol’ Drop Tyne have redefined this notion and developed a product that calls directly to the whitetail’s olfactory system their NOSE!

Imagine: Your neighbor fires up the grill and throws on a couple of thick, juicy steaks. That delicious, charbroiled smell soon drifts across the yard and your mouth begins to water. You get hungry. You need to eat.

It’s no accident; the smell causes a chemical reaction in the brain that triggers the need to eat. Fortunately for deer hunters, over the years we’ve perfected the process and created BECKON CALL, a deer scent that has the same triggering effect on whitetail. One whiff and the scent tells deer, “It’s time to eat, OVER THERE.” Unlike typical deer scent products, which are placed strategically or dragged to or from the stand site, BECKON CALL can be used in much the same way as you would use a deer call. At regular intervals spray BECKON CALL down wind and watch it go to work. In our research, we’ve watched as both bucks and does literally stop in their tracks, lip curl and drift right in at the first smell of BECKON CALL.

If you’re looking to add that extra element of attraction to your stand site, spray BECKON CALL on chest-high limbs or Whiff-Wicks within shooting distance of your stand, or apply to your deer scent drag system and draw them right in!

This season, use BECKON CALL any time of the season and call to their nose, not just their ears!

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