Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from hunters.
1. Why is it that a lot of deer urines we buy in stores have that dark brownish color?
Dave — Stevens, Pennsylvania

Well Dave, it's nothing that your sporting goods store is doing wrong. Provided the manufacturer did not put in additives, many times it's nothing more than Mother Nature's natural break down process of urine. Heat, sun light and air can all be at work in this process and the longer the products are exposed to one or more of these, the more you will notice the change from its fresh original color.

2. Can deer really tell the difference between fresh scent, versus older, bottled scent?
Bill — Traverse City, Michigan

Sure can Bill. Your own hunting area is filled with all types and ages of urines. Some hours, days and weeks old, they deal with this every day of their lives. Think about it, you and I sure know what gallon of milk to drink based on its smell. Trust me, a whitetail's nose is way beyond ours and he will not follow the wrong deer, he simply can not afford to waste time during the rut.

3. Can you get me a fresh 4 oz. bottle in time for the start of gun hunting season?
Paul — Appleton, Wisconsin

You bet, provided we have your order in the system by Sunday before your
opener, Paul, you will be in great shape (you look to be 2 days from us). If you find yourself in the middle of that week looking for more, just call us direct and we'll see if we can make it happen for you by changing the shipping method.

4. Does it matter if the urine is from whitetail deer?
Darren — Syracuse, Indiana

Good question Darren. In fact there are over 30 species/sub-species of deer.
Although I have read some articles talking about this topic I have never known Mother Nature to get it wrong, that's why we use only whitetail deer for whitetail hunters.

5. I use scent bombs around my stand. Should I put new scent in it each day or is it good for a couple days if I seal it tight?
James — Crestview, Florida

James, it has been our experience that you should freshen your scent each day and replace your scent pad, at the very least, every other day. If you let your pad go any longer than that you will be pouring good, fresh product on aged urine that is already breaking down. Your scent pads are the inexpensive part, so do not let them get in your way of staying fresh.

6. I use scent wicks in my shooting lanes at my stand. How much scent should I be using?
Scott – Bangor, Pennsylvania

Scott, this is a key question, for years most of us have been buying 1 oz. bottles, pouring some on our scent pad, hanging it on a limb and thinking we are good to go for our hunt. What we were unaware of is that even during the rut does still urinate 1 to 4 oz. each time. So, here we are using maybe 1/2 an ounce and real does are leaving fresh scent in 4 oz. deposits; who do you think gets the buck's attention? We recommend that you use 1 oz. (our bottle markings will help) and oftentimes more. Don't show up at a gunfight with a butter knife.

7. Chip, we cannot find Ol' Drop Tyne scents in our stores around here. Can you tell me what stores carry them in the Grafton area?
Jim – Grafton, Illinois

Sure Jim, none. In fact, we do not sell to stores anywhere, my friend. We only sell "hunter direct." I'm sure there are some great shops in your area yet we believe that the best way to make sure our hunters are receiving truly fresh product is to ship it directly to them. This cuts down shipping times, warehouse storage conditions and time on the stores' shelves, not to mention lower prices for you.

8. Do you believe in using scent drags?
Tom – Brooklyn, New York

We sure do Tom. Here are a couple of points to consider for your next hunt. First, always make sure you are not walking on the same trail as your drag, tie it to a stick if needed and hold it out to your side as you walk. Second, whenever possible make a complete circle or figure 8 pattern with your drags so that when a buck hits your trail, no matter which way he follows it, he ends up in your shooting lane.

9. Should I put your dominant buck lure on my scrapes?
Ryan – Wausau, Wisconsin

Ryan, this is going to be a yes and no answer. Yes, on your mock scrapes. This is often a good stunt during the early stages of the rut. No, to your active scrapes. We have found that as often as this might work, many times it kills that scrape's activity. On active scrapes you are better off placing the scent a couple feet off to the side, this way you can get the response you are hoping for and not take the chance of making an active scrape go cold.

10. Does this really work?
Tom – Staunton, Virginia

Thanks Tom, I love this one. This is a little like the Ford or Chevy debates. Hunters tend to fall into one of three general areas on the topics of deer scents: yes, no and I'm not sure. Allow me to answer it this way. Mother Nature has been doing it right for far too many years and has never gotten it wrong. Those bucks always find the hot does and it is their olfactory system that guides them. Yes they work. It's not a 100% sure thing, we have to do our part. Yet fresh, quality products will put far more odds in your favor. Plus it's Made in America my friend!

11. Chip, how long will my bottle be good for?
Shannon – Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Not an easy, nor exact answer to this one, Shannon. What's good to one hunter may not be good to another at all. To help you with this we must first understand that we can not stop Mother Nature's normal breakdown process, yet we can help manage the elements that impact the product's freshness. Once you receive your order keep it in a dark, cool location and sealed, this will go a long way toward making sure your bottle retains its freshness integrity for your hunt. Once you start using it you now need to limit your original bottles exposure to the elements of heat, sun light (UV rays) and air. The simple facts are that on day one your bottle is better than on day five of your hunt, and day five is better than day 15 (and so on). Freshness does make a real difference, Shannon. This is why so many of our customers schedule several delivery dates in a hunting season.

12. Do you guarantee your Doe-to-Door to work?
Frank – Hazelton, Iowa

We do guarantee our products' freshness. It will be collected in a natural golden/yellowish color and delivered to you in Iowa that way or it's free. Now, as for guaranteeing it will work, let me put it this way Frank, it will defiantly put odds in your favor that you may never have had before. However, if there was a true silver bullet that worked 100% of the time on whitetails, someone would have written the book. We would all follow the steps A to Z and, like the great plains buffalo, whitetails, as we know them, would be no more; game over. Let us help put those odds in your favor this season and have some great hunts.

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