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Our NEW SwellWICKs are simply better than the wicks we have been using for years. A single SwellWICK provides 14-18 hours of quality deer scent dispersal during a normal fall hunt with just one saturation. SwellWICKs are Eco Friendly and UV free. They are very user-friendly too, as they can be hung on branches filled with leaves or branches without the worry of being blown off. They work great with any of Ol'Drop Tyne's deer scent products.

Each pack contains 8 of our SwellWICKs so that you can use a fresh wick each day, this will help insure that you a putting your fresh scent on a clean wick. Remember, this is where his nose will lead him to, so keep it pure.

Each SwellWICK can hold 10 times of it's weight in scent. It's always a good idea to keep an extra pack on hand.